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Geese Hunting in Mainland Farm

Firecrackers Okayed to Chase Geese from Mainland Farm in James City


What kind of caliber/weapon will be used?  20 gauge or 12 gauge – maximum distance of firing will be 60 yards

How many hunters will participate?  Approximately 4-6

How will volunteers keep the trail section secure when some trail users enter from backyards and other unofficial access points? The volunteers will be stationed at the access points indicated on map from Park Ranger Insley and also there will be a “look out” among the hunters. All firing will cease and desist if safety is at risk.

Please contact JCC Administration POC with any questions and/or concerns: Laura Messer at

For more information pertaining to the Geese Hunt, please visit:


Please join us for our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, November 19 at 7 p.m. at 5249 Olde Towne Road in Williamsburg.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Neighborhood Survey Results

This past spring, the HOA Board conducted an informal, online survey of our community to get an idea of what amenities and/or upgrades homeowners were interested in. Again, this was done informally and used just for information purposes. No decisions have been made. As the time approaches to make some decisions, the community will be notified and of course, at any time, homeowners are welcome to attend the HOA meeting every month to voice their opinion and get involved in making our community a safe, positive environment for us all.

We wanted to share the results of the survey just to give you an idea of what your neighbors are thinking…please review them by downloading the results: Pointe At Jamestown Survey Results.

Again, we want to emphasize this was an INFORMAL, for INFORMATION purposes only survey and NO DECISIONS were made as a result.